Monday, February 16, 2009

Wekiva Springs Canoe

My parents are visiting me for a bit, so for President's Day, Mai and Charles suggested all of us go canoeing at Wekiva Springs state park. I've been to the springs a few times, mostly for a trail 5K, but have never canoed there. The weather was great and it sounded like fun!

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The springs were busy with several people enjoying the sunny day and cool water. After getting our canoes we paddled downstream for a mile or two, before turning around and fighting the current. OK, the current wasn't really that strong, it was just barely noticeable. I was steering my canoe and I'm 99.9% positive my terrible steering caused us more effort than any current we faced.

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Gators are everywhere in Florida!

Wekiva Springs connects to Rock Springs - midway down we passed a fork leading to the other park. After looking at the map, the distance to Rock Springs from the fork looked to be several miles further than it was to Wekiva Springs - a wrong turn would mean a lot of extra paddling!

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