Saturday, September 30, 2006

China and Thailand

I'm back from my trip and way behind blogging, so I'll start posting and making links when I sort my pictures out. ;) There was internet access over there, but between busy days and convenience matters (I didn't bring a computer to take advantage of free WiFi) I didn't really have the time until late in the trip in Bangkok.

So I'll start posting and linking here... it'll take me a while!

9/27 Four Faced Buddha (Bangkok)
9/26 Reclining Buddha (Bangkok)
9/26 Golden Buddha (Bangkok)
9/23 Floating Market
9/22 Grand Palace (coming soon...)
9/21 Maglev Train (Shanghai)
9/21 Where is the Watermelon?
9/18 Shànghǎi
9/17 Hángzhōu
9/16 Nánjing
9/15 Yángzhōu
9/14 Sūzhōu

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