Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ski Liberty

Kevin and Heather texted me and asked if I wanted to tag along for some night skiing at the Liberty Ski Resort. Of course I was in!

One thing I really liked about the Seattle area was the proximity of winter sports. I don't want to drive in or shovel snow just to get to work, but I do like to ski/snowboard or snowshoe. Even a winter hike is fun.

Liberty isn't very far so it is a perfect day trip. The area reminded me of the Summit at Snoqualmie, perhaps a little bigger and taller... on the other hand it has been many years since I last visited the Summit.

After arriving, Heather joined the beginner lesson so Kevin and I went off to ski a few green and blue slopes. We checked in a few times to see how they were doing and after the class was over we all skied the green hill a few times.