Saturday, June 11, 2016

Laurel Highlands 50K

The Laurel Highlands ultra entered my list of "must-do" events after I saw this pic from Trail Porn. Despite the edgy name of the site, the pics are all beautiful scenery shots - they are NOT NSFW... which I supposed makes them "SFW". ;)

This was the year! I sent in my entry application and even convinced some friends to come along. I opted for the 50K since 70.5M is significantly farther than I've run. Also, I heard the course is very difficult in general.

Race report coming plus and a few pics.

For now, here are some videos I took in the various "labyrinth" sections I encountered on the 50K. I really enjoy the natural mossy rock formations, especially when the trail winds narrowly winds in between. So I was really happy to run through these sections, back up and go through again taking a video with my phone.

Laurel Highlands 1

Laurel Highlands 2

Laurel Highlands 3