Monday, May 02, 2016

Week 18

The plan for week 18 was:

week #weekMTWThFSSuTotal

18 5/2/2016 4 4 6 10 6 30

What I ended up running was:

week #weekMTWThFSSuTotal

18 5/2/2016 5.4 5.4

  • Mon May 2
  • Tue May 3
  • PTJ run from CCBC. Good to get back out again since it had been a while.
  • Wed May 4
  • Thu May 5
  • Fri May 6
  • Sat May 7
  • Sun May 8
This week was bad for running. It drizzled most days and I wasn't motivated enough to get out and run in the rain. I also had some other activities lined up for Sat so no running then either.

OK, I'm nearing the midpoint of the Yeti training plan and it doesn't look so good. I find running 3 times a week is reasonably easy, meaning I can schedule that without too much trouble as long as I run both days on the weekend. 4 times a week become much tougher, requiring advanced planning from getting to work early enough to leave at certain times, etc. 5 times a week is really hard - basically locks all days into running which I've only done on the week I took vacation.

So I might need to scale back my goal. If Yeti had other distances, say a 100K, that would be realistic especially due to the nature of the course. But it doesn't.

Thus, I'm thinking of getting 50 miles at Montour and if that goes well, signing up for Stone Mill, a 50M too. I'll fill in Aug/Sep/Oct with a few tougher trail events which are the ones I find the most fun.