Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New Lawn

The summer was dry and hot and my lawn suffered. It didn't help that a few of the sprinkler heads were broken, something I discovered and had fixed, and of course it didn't help I wasn't watering the lawn enough. Patches of it died, and when I removed the dead grass and spread some seeds hoping to revive my lawn, moss and clover and weeds grew instead.

So I decided to have the lawn resodded. My lawn service estimated the work to cost $900, including new sod and labor, which was reasonable. Heck I spent 25% more for similar work on Kirkland. The final cost came out to $980, and now I have a much better looking lawn.

It is supposed to rain a fair amount over the weekend, but just in case I programmed my sprinkler system to water the lawn for 30 mins every morning. Lake Mary limits how often you can water, but there are exceptions for new landscaping. I'll keep that up for a few weeks, until the sod takes root.

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