Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shopping Redux

As I mentioned a few months ago, I went clothes shopping with my friend Diana. Today we finally got around to the second part, which was to pick up a few more items.

We went to the Lake Mary Target, because Diana wanted to show that decent clothes didn't need to come from fancy expensive stores. We picked out a few fitted T-shirts, two long sleeve striped shirts, and some jeans. Again, we covered the "theory of the blue jean", which is according to Diana:

  • light or faded color is trendy and thus BAD for me in general
  • shiny look is also BAD
  • no carpenter jeans - stressed many times

Thus, the "good" jeans are dark blue and for lack of a better descriptive word, dull, as in not shiny.

We also picked up some fairly plain looking thongs, to replace the various sandals I have. I gather the sandals have too many straps or whatever, because the ones she approved were brown with just a simple foot strap. To my surprise they are quite comfortable to wear.

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