Monday, November 17, 2008


Bev called up in October, to wish me a happy birthday. We hadn't seen each other in a year or more, so she invited me out for a weekend in November. Also flying out was another friend of ours from Houston, Patti.

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We had a nice, relaxing weekend. Bev got her inlaws to watch their two boys Friday and Saturday, so the four of us (Bev and Ben, Patti, me) took some bikes out to a park with trails. But... it proved to be a little too hilly for the group so we packed up and just visited wineries!

Winery Patrons
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We visited a few, but eventually wound up at Ben and Bev's favorite winery, V. Sattui. The winery has a small museum, just one room with some old equipment, fairly large picnic grounds, and is very scenic. Plus, it has a generous wine tasting program: tasting 6 of 9 regular wines for $5, or tasting 6 of 9 premium wines for $10. For comparison, some of the other wineries we stopped at were more expensive: $25 for tasting, or another one was $10 for 5 samples, etc. We were cheap and just left those places after a brief walkthrough.

V. Sattui Building
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On Sunday, Ben and Bev had their boys back, so we took it easy in the morning. In the afternoon, we visited a salmon hatchery along the American River, and then went for a walk/hike. It was a really nice trail: paved for bikes, with a gravel lane for runners! Past the gravel lane were trails along the bank good for hikers or mountain bikers. We collected flat rocks and skipped them in the water. :)

American River
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