Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dawg Dash

This year's Dawg Dash went better than expected - I finished in 51:44 despite not running all that much since moving to the DC area. Unfortunately I couldn't map since my Garmin was dead but the course was the same as last year's.

Francesca's post-race waffle fest was a hit, drawing more people than last year even though a few (Krisanne, Eric) have moved away from Seattle! Joe was in town, and it is always interesting to catch up with him.

In the evening I had dinner with Kandi and family. Their kids are growing huge amounts now that I only see them once a year. Sam is a junior, Jacob is in 6th grade and basically fluent in Spanish (he's in the immersion program), Ellie is in school now... wow!

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Krisanne said...

Actually, I was already gone by last year's :-( I still have my 2007 t-shirt and wear it proudly.

I'm starting week 4 of Couch-to-5K - maybe next year I'll come up and actually run it (though I do hope to run a 5K before then, too!).