Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baltimore 10 miler

I've lost a lot of money over the years, by registering for and paying for events I've wound up missing (sick, out of town, etc.) Many events give a discount if you register early enough, to tempt you to commit (plus race directors want to fill their events). But, some events hit their registration limit and close, so it becomes a balancing act: save money vs. risk not being able to enter due to the event filling vs. risk not attending an event some weeks/months away. So it was quite nice to be on the other side of this for once - a friend of a friend wasn't able to attend the Baltimore 10 miler, and I got their race number!

The race itself was well organized, 4000 runners, and had really nice "premiums" (race gear). Not just some mere cotton T-shirt, this race included a very nice logo running jacket. I just had to do a little swaperoo in line since I needed a different size.

I did 1:28:47, pretty good given the hills on the course, and the hot conditions. Living in Florida hasn't given me much heat tolerance, although it is possible I am slightly better off than the average runner.

The 10 mile race is very popular in this region, with so many events around: Cherry Blossom 10 miler, Army 10 miler, Baltimore 10 miler, Annapolis 10 miler, probably many others I just haven't seen yet. I don't remember this being a common distance in Washington or Florida.

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