Saturday, February 18, 2006

Airboat and Parents

My parents are in town this week, and they were interested in taking an air boat ride since Francesca and Alexandra had so much fun. I took them to the same place we went earlier, and had the same airboat captain. One difference was today's high was around 80 degrees, so the gators were out sunning themselves.

A family of four was also waiting for an airboat ride, so all of us packed onto the same boat and we took off.

Enjoying the sun

We got pretty close to this gator, who froze as we approached. The guide said they do that thinking their natural camoflague is good enough to hide them - so in the gator's mind, we don't see him because he is hiding in the grass.

Hiding from us

Here is the lake we cruised around on.

Lake Harney

My parents really enjoyed the ride! I've gone three times now, 30 minutes each time, during the day. Some places offer night rides and longer tours, so I might try one of those the next time I have visitors. :)

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