Sunday, February 26, 2006


I got up early (though not as early as I had planned to) and drove over to Tampa to meet up with Chris and some other triathletes who were in the Gasparilla half marathon or full marathon. The weather was spotty, with gusty winds and occasional heavy rain, so not the best conditions for a lengthy event. Chris had a great race despite the conditions, as you can read in his report.

Chris and his secret recovery drink

After a late breakfast or early brunch with others, the group walked back to the finish line to cheer for some others on the marathon course. The group is all from the Beginner Triathlete website. I have an account there but mostly just keep my training log up to date and lurk on the forums occasionally. Now I've met a few of them so I'll pay more attention when I'm on the site for a familiar face.

Triathlon slogan

It's fun to chat with others that get excited upon hearing somebody bought a new Kouta Kalibur, or wear around Nike Free's for the comfort but not to train in!

Art in Tampa

After the last BT member finished up the marathon, everybody either wanted to nap or eat (understandably!). Instead, I returned home and did a short brick workout: 16.1 mile PC bike ride, in 1:11; then a 4.3 mile run in 34 minutes. Seeing all these others do a half or full marathon got me motivated, and now I don't feel like a complete slacker.

I didn't spend much time in Tampa - I figure since I live so close I can come back and spend more time there later.

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