Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I recently got a letter from the Woodbridge Lakes Homeowners Association that said "a drive through inspection was recently completed in our community and we noted that there are several areas where the grass is dead. You are being requested to replace these areas with new sod."

Good to know the HOA is out patrolling the neighborhood. Out of curiosity I paid extra attention as I drove through my neighborhood on the way to/from work and I don't think my lawn is in extra bad shape or anything. It was pretty dry for weeks. However, I do have a dead spot of grass by the side of the driveway. I think a sprinkler head must be broken so I'll look into that.

Dead Spot

Anyway, over the long weekend I'll dig up this dead area and replace with some sod (grass plugs as Home Depot calls them). The letter is vague but then I bet they send the same one out to anybody who they want to warn about lawn maintenance.

The city of Lake Mary only allows us to water the lawn twice a week, so one good thing about the summer rainy season is the extra water lawns get. A nice lawn looks great but at the same time I'm not sure it is worth pouring a ton of water into here. I wonder if the water supply is divided into reclaimed water (suitable for vegetation but not consumption) and higher quality drinking-grade water.

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