Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Office Space

Ingrid, our administrative assistant, came by with a tantalizing offer: a private office!

Ever since I moved to Florida, I've had an office mate - Matt. We get along well, neither of us is particularly loud or anything, and our corner office has two walls of windows. My view is west: trees, parking lot, and I4. On clear days my westerly view can see launches from the Kennedy Space Center. Matt's view is north: mostly of a leafy tree and a bridge.

Anyway, the offer is that due to some upcoming office shuffling, we could both move into a private INTERIOR office. That's the hangup, I really like the natural light and the view. And so does Matt. So we told Ingrid we'd rather stay.

A few weeks ago my boss told me he'd like to get our group closer together. So the conspiracy theory is we'll be forced to move anyway, possibly because a manager covets our office with the awesome windows. Due to seniority, window offices go to long term employees and managers. I've been here about four years, a small amount compared to some of the people who have been here through two or three corporate acquisitions!

In the meantime we'll attempt to stay and see what happens.

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