Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day and Rain

I glance at the Seattle newspaper's websites from time to time, and see the area is experiencing some heavy rain. According to the chart embedded in the article, the rainest day in Seattle was Oct. 20, 2003 - I was a resident then! I think I even remember joking with coworkers that the streets were so flooded it took me 10 minutes to drive home - the joke being I lived so close to work my normal commute was only 5 minutes. Some weren't all that amused, hehe.

The 5th rainiest day was Nov. 25, 1998, which occured while I was a resident of the Pacific Northwest. What an honor, to have lived in the area for 2 of the top 5 rainiest days of the past 50 years! I guess in that light I won't moan about the scattered showers we got yesterday.

This afternoon I voted, after searching a bit for my polling location. The election board sent out a map but the marked location was just a bit off - it pointed to a building under construction. However, tucked away so well I didn't even realize it was there, was a Lutheran Church that was my real polling place.

I showed my ID, signed, and took away a huge ballot. Literally, the ballot was an oversized paper that was probably 11" x 18". It was a bit exciting - my first vote as a Florida resident. It will be interesting to see how this midterm election turns out.

On the way out I filled out an exit poll, which was about 20 questions asking me why I voted the way I did. Things like "rate the importance of the following" and then choices for various issues. I've never taken part in an exit poll before.

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