Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sunrise to Sunset Relay finish

As we were nearing the switch to the other half of the 12 person team, the 6 person team called up and said they were withdrawing. They caught up to one of our runners, Michele, and shadowed her until they came to us. We rolled down our windows and Amy S on the 6 person team said everybody was pretty much wiped out.

We all understood of course, we were a bit ragged from only running 3 legs each; the 6 person team had twice as much and along with that, less rest since they were out on the road approximately every 4 hours. Each of their runners did 4 legs, while Amy S and Cathy did 5. It may not sound like there was much left (4 runners with 2 legs to go, and 2 runners with 1), but after almost 24 hours into the event, ~4 or ~8 more miles is a really long way!

We wished them the best and they drove off to Fort Meyers to find the finish line, hotel, and get some rest. After transfering the race baton to the other van, we followed suit.

The finish line was at the Edison-Ford estate in Fort Meyers. We ate and drank and waited for the other part of our team... which just showed up as they were closing down the festivities.

Results are up, and we came in 1st in our division! Of course, we were also the only team in our division, so we knew going in all we had to do is finish. :) Florida Landsharks 1 - 29:08.40. Whew.

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