Monday, April 02, 2007


Last year I did my taxes early, but wound up submitting a 1040-X correction because my company sent me a corrected W-2. Something to do with bookeeping as companies merged resulted in accounting errors for many employees. Anyway, the corrected W-2 turned a small refund into a small debt.

This year I decided to file late, just in case the same thing happened. I wouldn't have waited otherwise, but we received some email about how due to the merger we would get two W-2's this time. How long will the ripple effect of Company A buying Company B go on?! It might be a mess especially if both companies kept different fiscal years, but this should be all. Since I received two W-2's I thought there might be a small chance of another correction.

Anyhow, with about two weeks left I figured there wouldn't be any corrections arriving so I went to the store, bought some tax software, and cranked through it. Not too bad - I get a refund of about $600! Maybe I'll put that towards a mountain bike. ;)

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