Monday, May 28, 2007

Dog Walk

For Memorial Day I decided to take it easy, and go walk dogs with my friend Jennifer. We did 5.2 miles (yes... I wore my Garmin GPS to see how far) and it was a pretty good workout, because I spent most of the time restraining the dogs, who were eager to move a little bit faster, or cross the path and search the grass.

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Mikey almost pulled me over when he spotted a squirrel crossing the path.

Originally uploaded by klbarrus

Libby didn't pull as much, but she veers all over the place, so it was tough getting her to walk straight.

Afterwards, we got smoothies and water for the dogs, and then found some bike club members who passed us towards the end. I didn't feel like biking today, since I wanted to sleep in a bit after Islands of Adventure, and this was fun and got me outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.

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