Sunday, May 20, 2007

Florida Half Ironman

Ok, the official name of this event is the "Ironman 70.3 Florida", but I can't get used to that.

My buildup for this event suffered towards the end, but I wanted to do the event anyway. Yesterday I drove out to pick up my packet, and rack my bike. In the transition zone I thought I saw Karen Smeyers, so I wandered over closer... and indeed it was her! She was really friendly and I took a picture with her. I joked that standing next to her is as close to an Ironman Hawaii championship as I was going to get. :)

I had a tough time at this one, starting about a third the way through the bike, where my back started to feel stiff. I slowed up and finished the bike, stretched a bit, and started the run. And my lower back stiffness didn't go away, I had to stop and stretch out quite frequently to prevent cramps. Ugh.

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Wearing the spiffy jersey at the event.

Bike course

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Chugging along...

Run course

My overall time was a sluggish 7:28:03, from a 3:23 bike and a 2:56 "run" (which was really a walk due to my lower back).

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