Thursday, October 11, 2007


For my birthday, two friends from work took me to dinner at a fancy restaurant in our area: Bonefish. Yesterday, Paul (friend and coworker) took me to lunch so I got a few meals out of aging up. ;)

Anyway, I could tell that Stephanie and Jason were frequent eaters at Bonefish. The hostess, several of the wait staff, and the manager all greeted them. When we gave our orders, the question to them was "the usual or something else?" Too funny! My friends apparently typically have the steak, despite being at a restaurant that favors seafood. I ordered blackened grouper with vegetable, and it was great.

However, the signature item was the "sorbet sampler":

Sorbet Sampler
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A very tasty desert.

I forget the exact details, but even before it arrived, Stephanie predicted the five types of sorbet and also the fact that "coconut is out of season so you'll get an extra lemon sorbet as a substitute". I think she's had the sorbet a few times!

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