Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dawg Dashers

One luxury of events in the Seattle area is the late starting time: the Dawg Dash starts at 9:30 am! By then, back in Florida, it would be too hot most of the year.

This annual tradition has grown to include Waffle Fest, hosted by Francesca, featuring a waffle brunch and lots of toppings. And hanging out with friends afterwards. This year's festivities also included a "predicted run" competition, where everyone guesses their finish time. I guessed 52:00 and finished 51:02, good enough for 2nd place. Of the various door prizes, I chose a Huskies bracelet. :)

I was a little slower this year compared to last year, even though the courses were very similar. I chalk that up to running less compared to this time last year, and the fact the fall is the start of the running season in FL.

Dawg Dashers
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Rod, me, Krisanne, Jen, Francesca, Eric

There was apparently enough UV to tint my transition lenses - proof that it is sunny in Seattle. Or at least the city is bathed in radiation. The funny thing is that with the transition lenses, I don't notice any color change when they tint, as opposed to the drastic difference when switching to a real pair of sunglasses.

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