Monday, December 26, 2005

Pet Menagerie

I didn't realize my parents bought two more birds after Mom's bird died a few weeks ago. That brings them to two dogs (a pug and a pekingese) and three birds (a maroon-bellied conure and two English budgies). When my grandmother came over and brought her own dog (a chihuaha), I felt like I was in a zoo! It used to be crazier, because before my parents moved to Texas, they also had a turtle.

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Mom's pekingese. It isn't cold but this dog is wearing a coat for some reason.

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Mom's pug. Yes, this dog is named after the robot from Star Wars. Who knew my Mom was such a fan? ;) R2D2 likes to play catch and dig in the yard, and is highly motivated by doggie treats.

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Mom's chihuahua. This dog has a feisty temper and barks all the time. Since the dog bonded with grandma more than mom, Tarzan currently is living with my aunt and grandmother.

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Dad's maroon-bellied conure. This type of bird is really for 1.5 people, meaning it will bond with one and barely tolerate another. It bonded with Dad and sort of tolerates me enough to sit on my shoulder for a while. But, it pecks at my neck.

Topaz and Sayang
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Mom's budgies. Topaz is definitely an English budgie, but we're not sure Sayang is (he has a slightly different head shape and isn't big enough). Mom trained her previous budgie Emas to speak, but that takes a long time. These two haven't been trained and are quiet.

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