Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sad Day

This is a tough entry to write; I've been putting it off all day. Earlier this morning a friend David Fielding passed away from cancer... or complications arising from treatment of cancer. I'm not sure how much time passed from the original diagnosis, and I could go search through Gail's blog to figure it out, but it would likely be more sad news as it was definitely less than a year - more like 9 months.

If you read David's blog, you will get the idea he loved to fly. I remember last year when this picture was taken, he had just explained how to do a barrel roll in a small plane. He made it sound easy ("first, learn how to do an aileron roll"), like it would come naturally if you were at the controls. Later at dinner they passed around the rings he helped design, and we talked of how exciting 2005 would be for them.

Gail, David, Me

Dave, it was great to meet you and you will be missed.

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