Friday, April 14, 2006

Busy Week at Work

It has been crunch time at work, where we are trying to hit some dates for the beta of our next project. In software this is usually scheduled by bug counts: by a certain date, the team should have less than X "major" bugs. So management has ordered lunch in for us all week long, and we've been busier than average.

Crunch time is a familiar concept to nearly any software company. Mine is pretty good about realistic scheduling, because this is only the 2nd or 3rd time in the four years I've worked here where we've had a crunch week. Contrast to my previous employer which was in crunch mode for... years. Yes that is correct, years. Week after week and let me tell you, that really grinds you down when it goes that long.

Normally I try to get away to swim once or twice a week, during lunch. But it wasn't possible this week. However, today things wound down a little early - it helped that many people took today off since this weekend is Easter - so I left a little early to get a late afternoon swim in. Which felt great even though it was only 1000 yards.

I was back in time to welcome Krisanne, visiting this weekend and finishing up her skydiving class at Skydive Deland. Last time she visited I went on a tandem jump. I decided to pass on that this time around. ;) We had a very filling meal at Uno's Pizza, and then called it an early night: I wanted to get up early to ride my bike, and she had to get up early to make her class.

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