Thursday, April 20, 2006

Corporate Challenge 5K

Orlando has a Corporate Challenge 5K where hundreds of companies form teams and compete. I ran, but not on behalf of my company... that's because I only found out today at 12:45 pm that we had a team! My company registered late and wasn't listed as a corporate participant on the official website. There was an email thread going around, but since I didn't do it last year, I wasn't on that list. And due to a policy of not mass-emailing non-related requests around, I just flat out didn't hear about our team until I happened to talk to a running worker who asked what time I was leaving for the event. Oops!

I wound up running as a guest of Amy's employer, but since I am not a full-time employee there, my time couldn't be counted towards their team standings.

Anyway, my employer Symantec did pretty well in the Communications/Electronics/Computers division. The standings show the women's team finished 1st place in division, and the men's team placed 7th. Nice job ladies! I am so bummed because I ran a 22:14, so my time could have replaced the 38:26 on the men's team, which would have dropped our cumulative 2:23:01 down 16:12 to a 2:06:49 where we would have finished in 2nd place in division! Oh well.

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