Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Running and chatting with Diana

A productive exercise day. In the morning I biked 22.6 miles in 1:18 with the work bike group, and later that evening I ran 3.75 miles in 0:32 at the Y.

Only four of us showed up, so we all ran together. Kurt and Joe wanted to do 5 miles, while Diana just wanted to a little less, so I turned around and ran with her. It was interesting - she teaches 8th grade English at a local middle school so I asked her what that was like.

Apparently it is pretty crazy. She said she's got kids that span the full spectrum of home life, from being raised by pot smokers to having two loving parents. She mentioned that the vast majority of kids that are the best students have one thing in common: two parents (i.e. married and not living together or divorced, etc.) This is her 4th year of teaching and she still loves it, and puts a lot of extra energy into her work. It is almost funny to hear about some of the parents she has to deal with - one wanted to be notified about assignments constantly (that doesn't scale up to notify parents of 120 kids), another group of parents have all sorts of input into teaching (excuse me, who has the education degree here?). Work can get frustrating sometimes but I just can't imagine what educators have to put up with.

We wound up running 3.75 miles in 0:32.

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