Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Planet Blowout

I read there are "heated discussions" over a new definition of planet at an astronomer's conference. I just can't imagine the smackdown over this! A new proposal would increase our solar system's number of planets to 12, by adding Ceres, Charon, and 2003UB313 (which is also nicknamed "Xena").

But why stop at just 12? Mike Brown, the leader of the Caltech teams that discovered 2003UB313 says the new definition could result in 53 planets in our solar system.

Think of the incredible opportunity for astrologers to toss out all the current fortune telling schemes and come up with new ones based on 53 planets!

Under the "only 12 planets" scheme Pluto and Charon would be considered a double planet or also termed a pluton. What should really happen is Pluto and Charon should be renamed to Xena and Gabrielle. ;)

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