Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dawg Dash and Waffle Fest

An fall event I like to attend is Waffle Fest, a food bonanza put on by my friend Francesca, who prepares a large brunch for us to consume after running in the Dawg Dash. This event has grown over the years - I'm positive the first time I ran it the field was maybe 50% or smaller than it is now. These days it is part of Homecoming Week at UW, and is a kid friendly (strollers) and animal friendly (lots of dogs!) fun event.

Last year I set my 10K PR at this event, which was a bit surprising because the course is tricky, with stairs, hills, and lots of turns to negotiate. This year I wasn't up for running it that fast, and instead cruised in for a 49 minute finish - my watch had 48:59 as I crossed the finish line so I'll check the results to see if I did indeed slip in under 49 minutes by 1 second.

The course winds through the UW campus and features several hills, including a steady climb easily visible in the elevation profile of my run data. The weather was fantastic - cool, sunny, clear... I was almost too warm in running pants and a long sleeved shirts, but hey I live in Florida now and am used to 85 degree days. :)

Afterwards I had some purple Belgian waffles (food coloring in the mix for UW colors) and later some Winnie the Pooh waffles, all covered with strawberries, blueberries, peanut butter (try it sometime, it was pretty good despite sounding nasty) and maple syrup.

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