Friday, October 20, 2006

Seattle Weekend

I flew out to Seattle this morning, sleeping most of the way. Francesca picked me up at the airport and then we went to have Thai food at Tup Tim with Alexandra and Sandy. I can eat Thai food very frequently and look forward to taking future visitors to Thai Delight in Longwood!

It seems I brought the weather with me. The weekend forecast for Seattle is sunny, clear, and a bone-chilling high in the 50's (hey I live in Florida now). Autumn has also arrived in the Orlando area, because the daily temperature range has slid all the way to lows in the 50's to high in the mid 80's. Brrrr!

One thing I miss about a more noticeable fall are changing leaf colors. Even though Washington is the Evergreen State, there are plenty of non-fir trees that change colors.

Fall Colors

In the evening I borrowed Francesca's car to visit my friends out in Bellevue: Kandi, Mark, and their kids Sam, Jacob, and Ellie. They are growing pretty fast, especially since I see them about once every 6 months now. After dinner we played Uno but with some house rules that added an edge to the game:

1) Draw cards can be stacked - if somebody plays a Draw card on you, you can play another and forward the total along to the next player. It doesn't take many for a simple Draw Two to turn into 6 or 8 cards for somebody down the line. And of course a few stacked Draw Fours are brutal.

2) Out of turn play - if you have the identical card to the one just played (same color same rank) you can play it, if you are fast enough. This steals the current turn away from whoever was too slow to you and play proceeds.

It was fun!

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