Friday, October 27, 2006

Lounging at Home

My cold peaked yesterday, which left me pretty tired overall. I decided to take a sick day and sleep in. When I was younger ;) I'd just show up to work anyway and tough it out. But now I'd just rather get more rest and help beat the cold faster. While at home I caught up on some TV, mostly the new shows I am watching this season.

First up was Friday Night Lights, a TV-series version of the movie and book which in turn was based on a year of the real-life Odessa Permian Panthers, a West Texas high school football team around which the city revolves. High school football is huge in Texas, especially in the middle of nowhere! Anyway, in the series the main QB is injured, his backup isn't quite getting the job done, and the town's mood is turning ugly. The coach is forced into trying to recruit a displaced New Orleans high school quarterback (working in last year's hurricane Katrina disaster) to get the team back on track for the state championship. So far I am really enjoying this one.

I wonder how popular this show is in Odessa, TX. ;)

Next up was The Nine, the bank robbery show. I am losing a bit of interest in this one because the current timeline, unresolved questions, and ongoing plot isn't interesting enough for me to want to know what happened during the hours the group was held hostage. So far we have some muddled handling of the hostage situation by the FBI, a woman with political ambitions, a pregnant woman who broke up with her boyfriend, the murder of one of the hostages under unexplained circumstances... there is stuff there but it isn't grabbing me. And, I'm more or less uninterested in the motives of the robbers, one of whom is in critical condition. I may wind up dropping this after a few more episodes.

After that I watched Heroes, a show I avoided because the trailers looked stupid ("save the cheerleader, save the world"). But a coworker recommended it and I recorded some shows from a weekend marathon, and it is pretty good. The story sounds cheesy - ordinary people discover they have special powers, and are drawn to a common location - but it is well written and each person is developed well.

With such a busy day I managed to work in some computer game playing as well. :) I mean hey, I might as well milk a sick day for all it is worth! I played a bit of Zuma (I have the PC version), a game that I had set aside a while ago but picked up again visiting Seattle over the weekend. Then, I started up Nightfall, the third chapter in the Guild Wars series. Once again I am off to save the world from certain doom... what can I say I really like these kinds of games, and Guild Wars overall is just excellent.

I did wander outside, to pick up food. And I did a little bit of housework so I wasn't a complete slug all day long.

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