Wednesday, April 23, 2008


A friend from the Y running club called up and asked if I were interested in seeing a Bruce Springsteen concert. I'm not the hugest fan, but I thought it would be fun so agreed and bought a ticket.

I didn't realize he was still an active performer - my memories of him are from the mid 80's and the album Born in the USA. But I knew he had a large catalog of songs. On the other hand Nicole, my friend from the running club, is an enormous fan, had seen him in concert a half-dozen times, knew every song on every CD, burned me a copy of his latest one to listen to later, etc.

It was fun. He played for 2 and a half hours, everything from his music from the 70's to songs off his recent CD. I was hoping to hear Glory Days, my favorite song of his, off the Born in the USA album, but he didn't play it. I thought it was cool that he took 4 or 5 requests from the audience - people showed up with signs listing the songs they wanted to hear, or folded sheets of paper, and occasionally he would grab one, show it the the band, and then start to play. No lip-syncing and air guitar here!

I don't go to many concerts. I think the last one I saw was Thievery Corporation, in Seattle.

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