Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spirit of the Y 5K

This event has grown over the 3 times it has been held. It is a small local race held by the Lake Mary YMCA, to raise money for some of their programs. The first year, it was about 50 people. I didn't race that year, instead I volunteered as a course monitor. Last year it went up to 150 or so. This time it was up near 350.

This was a great race for me. I finished in 22:56, which isn't all that fast for my age group, but for whatever reason (mostly being other faster guys not showing up) I actually medaled! Check it out, 3rd in my age group, winning a very rare piece of hardware. :)

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The runner finishing just behind me, 1 second later, was my coworker and friend Francis (using his nickname Cisco). I heard somebody pull up behind me around mile 3, but didn't want to turn to look to see who it was. He just stayed there and we both raced in. Normally a time around 23 minutes isn't good enough for a top finish so both of us were quite surprised to see the results (last year I did 21:50 and was 5th). I also know the 2nd place finisher, Victor, from the Orlando Running Club, and he is a really strong runner.

Diana did great, taking 2nd in her age group (F25-29) at 22:28. She was happy, but the funny thing was after the race, she was obsessed with the course measurement. I wore my GPS, and so did Brooke and Kurt (1st in F35-39 and 1st in M30-34 respectively) and all three of us measured the course at 3.2 miles. To Diana, this meant she was cheated out of a sub 22 minute finish at 3.1 miles, since the course was 0.1 miles too long.

Overall, it was a great race!

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