Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blue Springs

The Sunday club ride has fractured a bit, into several groups, more or less people that want to hammer all the time, and people that really are just wanting a steady moderate ride. I'm in the steady moderate group, and every now and then we mix it up and do a fun ride or a destination ride. This week that ride was to a state park, Blue Springs.

We met up and rode on back roads and side streets the 30 miles or so to the park. Once there, we took advantage of the swim area, and jumped in!

Blue Springs
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I joined the others shortly after taking the pic.

You can see manatees at this spring, especially during winter mornings when they come to enjoy the relatively warm water. There weren't any around when we were there - by midday they are out in the river searching for food - and of course had there been, we would have kept our distance.

After splashing around for 15 minutes or so, we got out and pedaled our way back to Lake Mary.

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