Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 2

The plan for week 2 was:

week #weekMTWThFSSuTotal


What I ended up running was:

week #weekMTWThFSSuTotal


50 mi seems ridiculously high mileage this early! I'm cutting back some runs since I'm really just gearing up for a 50K right now (HAT on Mar 19).
  • Tue Jan 12
  • Wed Jan 13
  • I ran 6.0 mi with Kristen along the Baltimore Waterfront.
  • Thu Jan 14
  • Sat Jan 16
  • Ran PHUNT, a 25K/50K trail race. We had great conditions - sunny and cool, muddy trails but not too bad as my feet didn't get wet. Butch was at this event but I didn't see him. I did find two other friends, Michele and Liz, and ran with them.
  • Sun Jan 17
  • Slept in and ran 5.5 mi on the Patuxent Branch Trail (I call it the Lake Elkhorn Trail since that's where it leads).

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