Monday, January 04, 2016

Week 1

The plan for week 1 was:

week #weekMTWThFSSuTotal


What I ended up running was:

week #weekMTWThFSSuTotal


  • Tue Jan 5
  • Due to scheduling logistics, I swapped with tomorrow. I ran 8.2 mi on the Patuxent Branch Trail.
  • Wed Jan 6
  • Thu Jan 7
  • The rest of the weekdays didn't go so well. I picked up a cold and decided to get more sleep and otherwise rest. I don't think doing minor exercise (i.e. less than an hour of easy running) will make things worse, but instead the decision was more about getting extra sleep. Not the greatest kickoff to training, but it is early in the plan, there are a lot of weeks left, and I will get back on track this weekend.
  • Sat Jan 9
  • Good run with a meetup group I'm an organizer of (Run, Gap, Gulp, Go). Considering the dreary day, turnout was fantastic. We did one loop of the Mid Maryland 50K route, and saw another group out there obviously running the route as well. I run with Kate tomorrow, 12-13 mi or so, thus I swapped today's and tomorrow's distances.
  • Sun Jan 10
  • Kate and I did our own half-marathon along the C&O.

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