Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Remote Reorg

About 18 months ago my company broke the news that my division was consolodating remote office, of which the Redmond office was one. Employees had the option of accepting a transfer or finding another job in the company.

At the time I thought briefly about looking for a different job in the company, but I discarded that idea. This was because the Redmond office wasn't the HQ for any product at the time - literally every engineer there was already remote to another group. I decided that getting another job and remaining remote would just set me up for the same thing happening down the road.

Well I recently got new that this has occured. I'm still on some Redmond office mailing lists and I received a mail that said another division with remote employees in Redmond has decided to consolidate. Thirteen people are affected and they have until the end of November.

Yikes. Looks like my suspicions were correct.

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