Friday, July 28, 2006

Runners Club Pizza and Beer

I went to south Orlando to Rossi's hang out with a few friends from the Orlando Runners Club. That's right we had pizza and beer... that is why we exercise, so these kinds of meals aren't permanently added to our weight. ;)

A friend Michele and I split a Rossi's special, a supreme-style pizza. We couldn't decide how hungry we were so we got a medium 12" pizza with all the green peppers on one side since I liked them and she didn't. We ate the pizza so fast we probably could have gotten a large and been OK. I had a Christmas Ale to drink, since they were running some microbrew special.

We talked about the club a little bit. Our club has an exchange program with a running club in Urayasu, Japan, and it seems that I am the alternate for the under-40 male category! Michele said the selection committee usually informs all the alternates just so they keep in reasonable shape over the winter in case they need to (and are able to) make the trip. Basically if this year's nominee can't make it, then I'll be going in early February. That is pretty cool, since being an alternate generally means you are in line for the next trip. Michele and Ken are also alternates, and while it would be cool to go in 2007 I think it would be even more fun in 2008 since I know Ken and Michele better than I know the other three going this year.

Anyway, I'll be sure to keep up volunteering with the club and being active - a trip to Japan would be too cool to pass up! I'd take extra time to at least visit Kyoto as well. I have a half-marathon planned the first weekend in December, so just in case I'll keep doing long runs througout December and January.

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