Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fools

A friend who is notorious for April Fool's Day pranks IM'ed me. At least I got in the first jab! Our conversation, edited for clarity:

Kandi: Hey
Kandi: How are you today?
Karl: pretty good!
Karl: I'm at home, I broke my toe
Kandi: What?
Karl: hehehe
Kandi: LOL
Karl: I just had to getcha ;)
Kandi: Jerk
Kandi: I have something to tell you...
Kandi: I'm pregnant.
Karl: right
Kandi: Really
Karl: with triplets!!!
Kandi: No
Kandi: Just one
Kandi: Apparently the tubal didn't work
Karl: haha
Kandi: No, really
Karl: if this were true, today is the wrong day for you to convince me ;)
Kandi: Believe what you want to - but I am pregnant
Kandi: I'm due November 20
Karl: I can just hear the "april fools" coming
Kandi: Well, really, do I lie to you?
Karl: on April 1st you do :)
Karl: due November 20... sounds like somebody had a busy Valentine's Day :P
Kandi: LOL

As it turns out, my friend was joking. They already have three kids and are definitely done!

I did search for a pregnancy calculator, and found one that back calculated the conception date based on the due date. It turns out a due date of November 20th means a conception date of February 27th, so my friend missed Valentine's Day by two weeks - a fact which would have helped string me out a little longer. :)

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