Sunday, April 03, 2005

Smith Tower

I planned to drive to Mount St. Helens or perhaps Mt. Rainier, but I slept in a bit. I would blame that on Daylight Savings, but that would only explain one extra hour... Instead I decided to visit Smith Tower and see the Observation Deck/Chinese Room.

Smith Tower

The elevator to the Observation Deck is manually operated, so I waited until it showed up. The attendent only let seven people in at a time, shut the gate, and then sent us to the top. Along the way we could see the floors go by as the elevator shaft was see-through.

The Observation Deck is decorated in a Chinese motif, with an intricate ceiling and wood carvings. There are a few ornate tables and chairs, plus a few works of art on the wall. Unfortunately, the wall art was behind reflective plastic, which makes it difficult to photograph.


Wall Art

Dragon Chair

The Chinese Room isn't very large. A narrow walkway comprises the observation deck, and I opened a sliding glass door to step out and take some pictures.

Second Ave

Do you see the Space Needle?


The view east towards HarborView Hospital.

Southern View

King Street Station, Qwest Field, Safeco Field

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