Friday, April 08, 2005


I finally got around to doing my income taxes. I'm usually faster, but I have the excuse that I had to wait until the middle of March to get one form I needed.

That form was Schedule K-1 Form 1065: Partnership Income (because of the investment club I joined). It all sounds so exotic until box 6a, ordinary dividends, where listed was a grand total of $0.44. What is even funnier is the IRS allows you to round to the nearest dollar, so TaxCut just truncates that to zero!

I wound up owing $285, so pretty good! Long ago I looked forward to big refund checks, usually when I was employed part-time. After working full time a few years, I realized what I was doing was extending the government an interest-free loan. The heck with that - ever since I've been ratcheting around my withholding trying to fix it so I owe a small amount.

I'll finalize the payment date and just have it withdrawn electronically. This may be another year where I don't have to send anything at all (via mail that is) to the IRS!

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