Thursday, April 28, 2005

Carpet Cleaners

The carpet cleaner came today, a little late because of an unexpectedly difficult earlier appointment - but that's OK since I work just 5 minutes away. The company is a family run business, of a skydiving friend of Krisanne's, and he did a great job!

My den looks a lot different, partly from the uncluttering I've done, and partly because the carpet is so clean looking. The previous owner didn't clean the carpets before she moved out, and I didn't before I moved in, and I see now that it makes a difference. I have a carpet shampoo machine, but I don't get the same results when I try - maybe there are heavier duty machines or better soaps - who knows. Something to keep in mind before I move into another house.

Anyway, now I'm one of those people who leaves their shoes in the garage, or at the front door. I'm paranoid of tracking anything in and pick the miscellaneous pine needle that hitches a ride on me and then falls off.

I'm not sure what I'll do if it rains this weekend and I need to bike on my trainer. I'll probably by some cheap area rug or drop cloth to spread out, if it comes to that.

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