Monday, May 09, 2005

Housing Update

So today's entry is supposed to be about how at last, the house will be listed imminently. But no... the painter came over, took a look, and estimated about 10 man-hours to do the remaining work of finishing off the hallway and painting the ceiling above the hallway. And of course, that can't be scheduled until next Monday. Argh. The painter got on my good side immediately, merely by showing up on time. He was actually 10 minutes early! Contrast that to the window washer, who showed up an hour late - he called after 30 minutes when he was "10 minutes" away.

I just want to list the house, because the more it drags out, the more I have to do stuff like mow and edge the lawn (well I have to do that anyway of course), and pick up and clean constantly. For example, by next week I'll need to sweep off the deck again, weed the most conspicuous dandelions, and probably vacuum the interior.

Today's house errands included replacing three light fixtures, which were missing when I moved in, and using some touch-up pens along the stairway railing. These pens are pretty cool - they are a set of brown markers in different shades, and really help disguise various marks and nicks. I guess the extra days are nice since I now have plenty of time to move my "unclutter boxes" into the garage.

Looking ahead, one good thing about the Orlando area is that housing is cheaper, on average. Here in the Seattle area, the median home price is $355,000, while it is $204,500 in the Orlando area. NOTE: It appears the original Orlando Sentinel article isn't available, so I had to pluck from the Google cache. I'll see if the article is around elsewhere.

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