Friday, May 27, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite

I Netflix'ed this movie because I had heard so much about it. I also heard you either love this movie or hate it... let's just say I'm more towards the "hate it" side. I think this is supposed to be a comedy, except I didn't laugh the entire time. I even let the credits roll fully and watched the extra footage at the end, of the wedding scene.

The plot centers around an awkward misfit high school student, Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder). The plot sort of meanders around and the movie is quirky for the sake of being quirky. This can sometimes be funny, but it just didn't work for me this time. I found the main character to be quite irritating, from his speech pattern, facial expressions, actions, oddball outbursts, and abrupt manner. On the other hand, if the character were supposed to be unsympathetic, then the actor absolutely nailed it.

I'd say see it yourself to make up your mind, but then I can't really recommend it. Netflix it if you are a subscriber, so you can disguise the rental fee in your monthly charge.

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