Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Listing My House

I am asymptotically approaching listing my house. The closer I get, the more it seems like "just another day" is needed. Lately I've been playing phone tag trying to get a maid service to come and clean (especially the kitchen and bathrooms), and get a painter to finish off the hallway section I can't reach. It has been a lot of calling, leaving messages, scheduling time to do walkthroughs, waiting for returned phone calls, etc.

I think if I had enough time to remove various key personal items, and if insurance would reimburse me, it would be easier to have the place burn down and get a check to cover everything else. Argh!

It would be perfect timing for me to stay through late June, and basically not have to fly back for IMCdA. I just want to get my house listed so I can tell my boss it has been listed. That way I can show steady progress towards relocation - listing the house is the next major step.

As for the painting, I am again contemplating finish it myself. I need a telescopic ladder, whatever that kind is called, one that opens to more positions than two (flat or A-frame) like my current one. Then I can lean it up against the walls and reach.

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