Sunday, August 21, 2005

Celebration of Running 5K

This morning was the first event in the Track Shack's Grand Prix series. I've never participated in a grand prix - in fact, I'm not sure there were any in the Seattle area. I joined the fancy level and now have my own ChampionChip. To score points in the series, I'll need to finish in the top ten overall, or the top ten in my age division... neither of which I expect will happen.

A few other observations about events in this area versus the Pacific Northwest:

  • Huge police presence. Most intersections were controlled by police, in cars or on motorcycles. These people shut down the streets for an event! I'm used to coned lanes and sharing the road.
  • Results up quick. Once again, the results for the event were up by 11 am the same day. Also, I received an email with my results at the same time. Wow.
  • Stuffed goodie bags. The packet contained flyers for eight other events, and half a dozen product samples (bullfrog sunscreen, oreo sticks, pepto bismol, body wash, Advil liqui-gels and capsules, and Kellog's Toasted Honey Crunch). Plus Amino Vital was there handing out sample boxes. The Track Shack included eight 15% off coupons, good one a month until March 2006. The sponsors here put a lot more money into supporting an event.
  • Humidity. Let's just say the only time I remember finishing a race soaked was at last year's 12K's of Christmas run in Kirkland - it rained the entire time.

Anyway, since I have a base from my early season training, I decided to give this event my best effort. My heart rate climbed steadily during the run, but I was able to throttle back and not get a side stitch. Chip time was 23:37 for the 5K, a 7:37 mile. This is also my 5K PR!

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