Sunday, August 07, 2005

Lake Monroe Ride

I met up with a Florida Freewheelers group for a morning ride at nearby Lake Monroe. I bailed on yesterday mornings ride, because it was about a 70 mile round trip for a 20 mile ride - I decided I would scope out the group at nearby rides first before driving that far!

It turned out fine. There were 20 or so of us, and soon after heading out I found myself near the front. This ride was supposed to be 12 to 18 mph so the bulk of the people hung back. Maybe next time I'll do that too. ;) The group of four I caught up to whittled down to three (counting myself), but we combined with another group at a convenience store stop and soon were back on the road.

Total ride: 25.9 miles in 1:29 for a 17.5 mph average.

Afterwards, I walked around the marina area a bit. It just so happens that Lake Monroe was the site of the first Central Florida Expressway. By this they must mean steamboat lines along the St. Johns River to Jacksonville, FL.

Lake Monroe Marina


Doesn't this looked like it is parked on the grass?

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