Wednesday, August 17, 2005

PowerCrank Ride

One coworker stopped by yesterday and said the plan for today was to take it easy and "mosey" during the lunch ride. This was mostly because we really rode hard yesterday, and also that today was forecast to be hot. The weather forecast was correct - the temperature on my bike computer varied between 98 and 102 degress during the ride.

Since the plan was to ride slower, I brought the powercrank bike. Everybody looked on in amazement as I rode in circles and did various tricks, such as pedal with both feet together, pedal one leg at a time, and so forth. Nobody wanted to try them out. ;)

I told them to not worry about dropping me, but they were insistent that this would be an easy ride. As it turned out, they were correct - we did 14.5 miles in 1:08 for an average of 12.8 mph. Nice and easy, and I was able to keep up.

Various people rode next to me and asked about the cranks. I told them toughest thing is cadence - the hip flexor workout you get by lifting your legs is what is tiring. So I push a slightly bigger gear than normal while riding.

The next thing is pedal timing - I don't always keep my feet 180 degrees apart. My left creeps in slightly and I have to think about firing opposite to my right foot.

I think we'll keep the Wednesday rides a truly easier effort, at least through August and September or however long this brutal heat stays with us. That's good because I think I'd beat myself into the ground doing four hard rides every week.

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