Thursday, August 18, 2005

Get Well Limerick

My friend Dave was diagnosed with lung cancer, and is currently in the hospital undergoing tests and chemo. Gail flew out to be with him, which I'm sure is a great morale boost.

Dave is a great limerick writer, and I thought perhaps sending one would cheer him up or bring a smile. So after a few hours I came up with:

David I'm sure you will thwart
The cancer's attempt to contort
Your life's design
I'm sure you'll be fine
With your friend's and family's love and support.

I got stuck on lines 3 and 4 but overall I think it came out OK. I emailed it to him, and after a few hours got this response:

I'm impressed by your clever phraseology
concerning my bout with oncology
I'll beat it, I'm sure
and resume once more
my war with abnormal psychology!

This tells me Dave is in great spirits. ;)

Today, they got some good news!

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