Saturday, March 11, 2006

Baldwin Park 5K

Our big PR race was the Baldwin Park "Get Behind the Cause" 5K. I've actually lowered my PR twice since the speed training session started, and am very pleased with that. Going into the race I decided I didn't have to PR again - if I did that would be great, but if not, I wouldn't beat myself up about it.

The race course wound through the downtown-ish area of a master planned community, and as a result there were few long straightaways and lots of turns. It was also fairly warm and I thought about how it is only going to get warmer as the weeks go by. I started off fast (6:24 for mile 1) and slowed down to 13:30 for my mile 2 split. From there I found a pace I could hold onto and finish up. I missed noting the mile 3 split. I am near my maximum speed for a 5K because I have almost no "kick" whatsoever coming to the finish line.

I did manage to PR, shaving 7 seconds off my previous time to finish this 5K in 21:08 for a 6:48 pace. This race was small (254 men, 357 women) but since this was just the second year that is pretty good. I was 4th in my division, and unfortunately the age group awards only went 3 deep. My age group is a tough one, but maybe eventually I'll get to the medal zone.

The race was a good showing for us in the speed training program. Amy finished 2nd on her age group, and Mark finished 2nd. Mary Beth finished 3rd even though she was bummed about not setting a new PR. Well... I'd sympathize but NOT. Hehe.

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