Friday, March 17, 2006

St. Patrick's Day

Amy and I went to a large local street fair - the Winter Park Sidewalk Arts Festival. We wandered around for a bit, but most exhibitors closed up early. Perhaps late Friday afternoon isn't the busy time so they close down and stay open all weekend instead.

We did see a few booths, ranging from very pretty and intricate marble works, to some rather ugly art featuring people with elongated bodies and shrunken heads. An interesting exhibit was nail sculpture animals - a bear, fish, warthog, and bull made of rusty wires and nails. The price tag for the large items was $16,000, while the smaller ones were $7,500. I cannot believe many of these sculptures are sold!

We decided the line for the Irish pub was too long, so we opted for Olé Olé, a nearby tapas restaurant. Last time I had tapas that good was in Vancouver visiting my friend Gail... Amy and I had olives, cheese, spicy potatoes, garlic spicy shrimp, and a creamy cheese/spice/crabmeat dish that was my favorite.

After that Amy was tired so we played a few rounds of a card game I own, Lost Cities. Then we watched The Constant Gardener.

It was a very enjoyable evening!

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